High quality gear oil Castrol 220 for lubricants Service for wear protection

Lubricants Service offers Castrol 220 , a high-quality gear oil, which is particularly suitable for extreme pressure and heavy wear on the machines. The solvent refined mineral oil based lubricant has extreme pressure properties.

Castrol 220 , offered by us, has improved performance due to the use of sulfur / phosphorus based high pressure additive technologies. As a result, the product has excellent thermal stability combined with high load capacity. The product is the idea for hydraulic systems, transmissions and web brakes.

The lubricants service also offers you the Petronas Arbor MTF 10W 30 , which ensures a high performance of the gearbox. It is particularly suitable for use in automatic transmissions due to the viscosity classes 10W-30 and custom-made products. The wear resistance of the oil can significantly increase the transmission life.

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