Castrol Tribol GR CLS 2


Castrol Tribol GR CLS 2 Is a high performance multipurpose grease.


Castrol Tribol GR CLS 2 is a Water-resistant long-term grease.




Castrol Tribol ™ GR CLS 2 is an extremely water resistant high performance lithium / calcium based grease. It provides excellent protection against wear and is ideal for long-term use and for large relubrication intervals. The extreme resistance to water, caustic soda and cleaning agents ensures a high degree of
operational safety even in the case of aggressive environmental influences. In progressive centralized lubrication systems,
Tribol GR CLS 2 is easy to transport, stable in terms of grease and long-term stability even under high working pressure of over 350 bar.




  • In heavily loaded plain and roller bearings
  • Under difficult conditions such as free weather, wet, dust and high pressure loads
  • As underwater grease for excavators, lifting equipment, etc. in gravel and sewage treatment plants
  • For bearing lubrication in the beverage and sugar industry
  • In progressive centralized lubrication systems also under high working pressure of over 350 bar
  • Temperature range: – 30 ° C to + 120 ° C



  • High resistance to: water, detergents and caustic soda
  • Optimal sealing of bearings by water-resistant fat collar
  • Excellent pumpability in centralized lubrication systems, no blocking of the distributors
  • Aging and shear stable
  • Long-term stability
  • Excellent pressure resistance
  • Very good corrosion protection


Additional information


  • Please observe the regulations of the equipment and bearing manufacturers.
  • Lubricate the rolling bearing with grease, only fill the rolling bearing housing about halfway with Tribol GR CLS 2.
  • When relubricating, press in grease until new grease emerges from the lubrication point.
  • Also available in special cartridge for the Memolub® lubrication system.

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