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Fuchs Anticorit RPO 3002

Fuchs Anticorit RPO 3002


Fuchs Anticorit RPO 3002 Ist ein modernes Korrosionsschutzöl. Fuchs Anticorit RPO 3002 is a General purpose corrosion protection oil with good lubricity.




FUCHS ANTICORIT RPO 3002 is a medium viscous, free of barium corrosion protection oil for ferrous and nonferrous metals. It’s modern and highly efficient rust preventive additives ensure an effective rust protection through a very thin oily film.


ANTICORIT RPO 3002 leaves a non-resinating protective film on components. It is used for the corrosion protection of metal parts, tools, machined components, gears, motors and spare parts. It is also suitable as corrosion protection agent for difficulty accessible construction units or as a rust dissolving agent if diluted.




ANTICORIT RPO 3002 can be applied by all commonly-used methods such as spraying, dipping and brushing. It can be removed with water based industrial cleaners or with solvents; we recommend the use of the RENOCLEAN series Specific corrosion protection requirements of metalworking fluids (cutting oils, grinding oils, drawing compounds) can be met by adding 2-4 %. ANTICORIT RPO 3002 is freely soluble even in neat metalworking fluids.




• Excellent corrosion protection for ferrous and nonferrous metals even if the film is extremely thin.
• Protects against fingerprint (hand perspiration) corrosion.
• Free of barium.
• Good lubricity.
• Good removability
• Free of solvents


Storage conditions


If sealed in the original container ANTICORIT RPO 3002 can be stored at temperatures between – 20 °C to + 40 °C for 36 months.

The indication of a minimum period of storage does not include any guarantee of durability.


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