Klüber Klüberpress HF 2-101


Klüber Klüberpress HF 2-101 Is a special lubricating oils for hot pressing.


Benefits for your application




– Recommended by leading hot press machine manufacturers
– Good workpiece finish
– Low formation of smoke
– Low consumption compared with conventional oil containing graphite
– Reduction of die maintenance and repair
– Stability of the graphite in the oil
– Good cooling and lubricating effect








Klüberpress oils are special lubricants and release agents particularly for hot pressing of brass and nonferrous metals. These lubricants are specially refined and additivated oils which contain graphite of high quality. Klüberpress oils are based on many years of experience gained in industry in cooperation with leading companies in the field of hot pressing of brass and nonferrous metals. This ensures high operational reliability, i.e. accuracy of manufacture as well as tool protection and excellent finish of the workpieces. Owing to the special formulation of these oils, contamination of dies is reduced and less cleaning (sand blasting) is required, which in turn extends the die’s service life. Klüberpress oils have a high flash point, which reduces the generation of odour and flames during production. The additives and special graphite contained in these oils reduce friction and improve the overall performance of Klüberpress. Furthermore, they increase the machine’s output per hour and reduce the reject rate.






Klüberpress oils are particularly suitable for the manufacture of pressed parts made of brass or nonferrous metals, such as


– spherical valves
– gas pipe joints
– construction elements in general
– furniture fittings.



The good lubricating properties of Klüberpress allow the production of pressed parts of different sizes between 50 and 12,000 g and ensure a high pressing capacity (short cycle times).



Application notes



To ensure optimum performance, apply Klüberpress oils in an automatic process by means of spray nozzles with a diameter of at least 1 mm and at an oil pressure of 5 to 10 bar. Application by brush or pad is also possible. Klüberpress oils are ready-to-use and can be applied directly onto the dies without prior dilution. Their impact on the working area and water as well as flammability correspond to that of mineral oils having a flash point of ≥ 200 °C.





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