Klüber Tex Syntheso M 32


Klüber Tex Syntheso M 32 Is a needle and sinker oil providing good wear protection.


Benefits for your application


– Scourable with conventional washing liquors
– Noise and vibration dampening
– For conventional oil feeders




TEX SYNTHESO M oils are based on mineral oils and special additives.



TEX SYNTHESO M oils meet the requirements of modern mechanical knitting machines running under different operating conditions. The oils are scourable with conventional washing liquors. TEX SYNTHESO oils lubricate and clean the stitchforming elements like needles, sinkers, needle cams, needle cylinders, dials and sinker rings of knitting machines. Owing to the special product formulation and the additives used, these components are kept clean, thus contributing to a smooth operation of the machines. TEX SYNTHESO M oils can be used for flat-bed and circular knitting machines and are available in different viscosity grades. When selecting the viscosity please observe the machine manufacturer’s recommendations.


Application notes


TEX SYNTHESO M oils can be precisely metered by means of conventional oil feeders. Before changing over to TEX SYNTHESO M please make sure that the oil feeders are drained and the oil containers are thoroughly cleaned. Different types of needle oils should never be mixed. We recommend Klüber Silvertex R 14 to clean your machines. We also recommend to monitor the lubricant quantity and to readjust if, if necessary.